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Soft Landing - An immegrants center in Shappira neighborhood, Tel Aviv.

Shappira is a neighborhood in south Tel Aviv, Israel. since it's early years, the neighborhood was a place for immigrants and refugees. First came Jews from Europe after WWII, then came Jews from oriental countries, later on the community changed for Filipinos, Chinese, Africans and other refugees and work immigrants. Throughout the years, Shappira neighborhood grew and changed, every decade had it's different effect on it's streets and building. These changes are seen and noticed - On the sidewalks, On the Facades, and on the faces of the people. Colors, Forms, and Materials. As the years went by, the typical residential block in the neighborhood saw a process of disassembly and rearrangement, due to the need in law budget housing for the poor habitants of the neighborhood, until a new type of block emerges, a block closed and tight, with hardily any public void left within.

My project takes these morphology, and turns it in to a public building. The project consist of diverse functions, providing it's users with all they need for a safe start - a soft landing in Israel. Immigrants would find a place to sleep until they settle, Hebrew classes, shared kitchen, living and computers room, public and government services and recreational spaces for them to spend their time.

A roof spans above the whole project. Acting as a main dominator, grouping all the function as one BIG public domain, it symbolize the organizing structure of the streets system. The circulation system is made of fire escape like, metal bridges and stairs. Hanging from the roof, the system ties the functions together, setting the stage for coincidental meetings, cross views, and unplanned events. THIS IS THE PUBLIC DOMAIN - this is my Architectural act - Architecture of events. The building is made from heavy forms made of concrete, and light forms made of metal truss. symbolizing the neighborhood's buildings and the unplanned vernacular building additions. Every element in the project is divided from the other. small gaps between each element make the building feel unfinished, always growing, dynamically changing.

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