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A GREEN ESCAPE - competition

a proposal for the utilization of a patioin the Department of Electrical Engineering Technion, Haifa, Israel

The project will provide a café with a variety of seating options, both indoor - a bar with bar stools for a quick coffee and snack, round tables for group meetings and square tables for two that can be attached together, and outdoor - a seating area with wood benches and tables and an open class for formal and informal student gathering. The main purpose of the design is to avoid making changes to the architecture of the existing building and its activities. the new form inserted to the patio incorporates the notion of creating a different place that is out of context of the existing buildings and the usual student realm. In order to achieve that, the new form will oat above the oor, with minimal attachment to the existing building. The different directionality, achieved by the diagonal positioning of the café breaks the axial connection between the existing building and the new addition. The rectangle form of the café is covered with a living wall - a green wall that gives the benets of using vegetation as a green lung for the building - providing shade and clean air while giving the sense of a special place by hanging vegetation on a vertical plane.

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